Monday, May 3, 2010

The Signs Are There

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The above graph show mozzarella production for the first three months in a five year period, 2006 -20010.

Mozzarella is made on order is is a good indicator of the market for farm milk.

Comparing March of 2010 with March of 2008, mozzarella production has increased 4.9%, whereas milk production has only increased 7/10th of a percent in the same month.

The average farm "all milk" price in 2008, for the first three months was $19.23. In the same period for 2010 the "all milk" price is $15.60 - a 19% reduction.


  1. New Zealand’s Commodity Export Prices Rise to Record high.
    Dairy up 9.9%

    Matt Barnett

  2. Obviously not made from milk? How else do you make more from less?

  3. By "the signs are there" you must be referring to the many signs of our corrupt and criminal pricing system.