Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lock Step Advice

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There is something disjointed about advice which cannot be taken by those giving the advice.


in the upper left is a link to a series of presentation given in February. The conference was titled:Finding A Price And Living With It. None of the major presenters will ever need "risk management" or for that matter try in any way to make it milking cows.

Andy Novakovic gave a presentation on price transmission. He spend four pages of the power point addressing New Yorks"s "Price Gouging" law. Nowhere does he mention, the law has never been enforced.

Novakovic is "running" the Dairy Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC). Novakovics presentation gives perhaps a glimpse of what can be expected from the DIAC.

No where in the February program was there any discussion of the "thin" market trading at the CME. The question is not likely to be given any time with the DIAC/

The hopw is to keep the status quo in place so those riders of the great dairy train can continue unmolested by uncomfortable question. Too bad.


  1. Hey John,
    Andy Novakovic: what the hell can I say? Saw him present at Gillibrand's Batavia Hearing... pompous son of a bitch... one look was enough to last me a lifetime. Still I'm glad I got the look; I'd always wondered what a load of books pack-saddled on a jackass looked like... with Andy running the show God help America's dairymen. Nate Wilson

  2. Total agreement with Nate. Although CME wasn't mentioned at the first meeting, I notice NMPF and IDFA were given the floor. At what point do these two INDUSTRY representatives do anything whatsoever for farmers? I think we all knew this committee would be a joke and this is further proof.