Sunday, May 23, 2010

H.R. 5288, the Dairy Price Stabilization Act of 2010

After the post yesterday, it occurred to me that I have unintentionally failed to mention H.R. 5288, the Dairy Price Stabilization Act of 2010.

The Milk Producers Council has done much of the leg work in promoting this idea. At the opening page: there is a great deal of information on the program.


  1. What family farm is in a position to purchase quota? Dumb idea. Are we not as usual in a milk deficit position? Better management practices may be appropriate for farmers but first they need to be solvent. A fair share of the milk dollar has to go to them now.

  2. HR 5288 is not a quota program in fact specifically was designed to avoid capitalizing a farm's basis. It does however make one think before expanding milk production and rewards those who produce only what the market requires