Sunday, May 9, 2010

RAW Milk

According to:

The story is headlined: Floodgates open to raw milk?

Proponents of unpasteurized milk hope a victory in "America's Dairyland" will encourage other states to legalize sales and make it more available nationwide.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has indicated he will sign a bill the Legislature passed late last month allowing farms to sell raw milk directly to consumers through 2011. Although the bill is limited in scope, advocates who've worked for years promoting raw milk say legalization in Wisconsin could lead to broader acceptance nationwide.

Needless to say, many are predicting dire consequences if the consumer is allowed to purchase and consume raw milk.

To put that in perspective - one American is killed by a medically induced accident or infection every six minutes. You could graduate a clock fine enough to measure how often an American dies from the consumption of raw milk.

Maybe the government should tax raw milk, like cigarettes, and have a law against under age purchase of raw milk and the dairy farm economy would take off like big tobacco.


  1. The difference is it only takes one to get sick and it makes the "news" big time- that does not do any of us any good.

  2. if it just take one person to get sick before it makes the news big time, how come the tobacco industry continues while making thousands sick?

  3. Well, make it addictive as cigarrettes and you'd have a plan.

    Look what undercooked hamurgers did to Jack in the Box. Look at the market as a whole for peanut butter whether or not it came from Peanut Corp of America.

    It doesn't matter if the person fed it to a child or elderly parent even though the farmer told her not to. It doesn't matter if she kept it too long. It would put a massive hurt on bottled milk, pasteurized as well.