Monday, July 5, 2010

Bickering System Going Nowhere

If you look at the recent DOJ hearings in Madison Wisconsin, you might note there is not one Republican politician in the lineup. See:

We are 18 months into a dairy farm milk price depression and there is really nothing out of DC.

Nobody really talks about the situation but, a two party system can be like a couple bickering. Not much discussion and nothing really changes.

NMPF has a program which it is promoting. FAPRI's analysis says there is little change. See:

Those on the gravy train try to keep their seats. In the 2006 election cycle the dairy PACs gave 34% to Dems / 66% to Repubs. In 2010 it is 56% to Dems / 44% to Repubs.

As you can see it is not the principle,it is the money.

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