Thursday, July 8, 2010

Letter to National Milk

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There is a genuine need for an organization which represents the interest of dairy farmers. That organization in not NMPF.

Here is a link to NMPF "associate members":

Gary Genske raises some important points.


  1. Mr Genske as usual hits the nail on the head. The only reason NMPF came up with this plan (sic) is CWT is passing on and they are looking for their new income at the farmer's expense. Don't they know that farmers don't have any money left? As I have said before many times the CWT did nothing to bolster milk pricing, and at no time have they represented the interests of farmers just their cooperative processor buddies.By the way after reading myself to sleep last night reading the minutes of the DOJ/USDA wisconsin workshop I have come to the conclusion that they could have accomplished much more if the first 100 or so pages were something other than introductions and thank yous to one another.

  2. You're absolutely right John. There is a desperate need for an organization that truly represents the interests of dairy farmers. When you look at the members of NMPF it's a who's who of "dairy clubs" who live off the backs of farmers. They're like flies in a barn that hasn't been cleaned out!

    There is a need for a new type of organization that has only farmers as its members. Certainly experts such as Gary Genske would be welcome to assist and lead.

    As I've perviously mentioned, I strongly believe that monies currently taken from dairy farmers milk checks for CWT must be redirected back to us to help fund an effort such as this.

    John, I've followed your writings for over a year now and I firmly believe that you could be the person to help dairy farmers organize.

    Just think what a farmer-only organization could accomplish using the dollars that are confiscated each year for CWT!!