Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Politics Today

Well, it is big news, the Shirley Sherrod/USDA/Vilsack/Tea Party/ Obama/Fox News.

Here's a link to Vilsack's press meeting: mms://

Key in this whole story is the concept of substantiate - neither side did - it was all about politics.

But, substantiate is closely rooted with substantial. Abraham Lincoln referred to the USDA as "the people's office." I cannot say any ag secretary, from either party, has done much to uphold Lincoln's vision.

Except for the pleasure it would bring to some, I think Vilsack should go. I worry, however, about who might replace him. If people are going to allow their buttons to be pushed what do we all deserve?


  1. Its too bad that they only focused on part of the speech. This lady believes in class warfare and redistribution of wealth. See is a socialist a least. Did you here the poeple cheering in the video when she talked about not wanting to help the farmer.

    You know the whole problem. the farmer went to the gov't for help.

  2. you obviously did not watch the whole video--her talk was a disscussion of overcoming racial bias and treating everyone equally.