Sunday, March 13, 2011

globalDairy Trade Auction Expanding

Fonterra is expanding globalDairyTrade, the online dairy products trading platform, to include products from other companies.

At this point the rules governing trading are still being finalized. Arla Foods and FrieslandCampina from Europe; California Dairies and DairyAmerica from the West Coast of the USA; and Murray Goulburn from Australia have all had input to the rulemaking and will likely participate when the expanded auction commences.

World prices have tracked higher than U.S. powder prices. The real question is what will this do to the calculation of U.S. dairy farm price? For sure NASS will not survey the internet auction held by Fonterra.


  1. NASS will not. Maybe because the "N" in NASS refers to the United States. Given your past bashing of NASS it appears that even if it was, in your opinion, fair for the US, you would then move the fairness target.

  2. Tsk Tsk! Must have toched a nerve there John. While they might not survey the auction, might someone from NASS be curious enough to at least look and wonder at the disparity of world versus the United States?