Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Milk is Priced?

Fonterra, oddly enough, is claiming they have nothing to do with milk - it is the "market." Sound familiar?

Fonterra is rejecting calls for an inquiry into how milk prices are set.
The company says prices are set as part of a normal commercial process and that New Zealanders have to get used to being part of the global market.

(complete story at link)

Here in the USA:

The purpose of the Dairy Industry Advisory Committee is to review the issues of farm milk price volatility and dairy farmer profitability and provide a report with recommendations to the secretary on how USDA can best address these issues to meet the dairy industry’s needs in the near and long term. The report also will provide feedback on the effectiveness of recent actions taken by USDA affecting the dairy industry. USDA’s Dairy Industry Advisory Committee brings the concerned public into a productive, information-gathering process to assist in developing recommendations for the development of national dairy industry and trade policies.

Aside from providing a cure for insomniacs, what was accomplished?

Pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain.

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