Monday, March 7, 2011


There are two large class action, on behalf of dairy farmers, lawsuits which the law firm Howrey ( is a player.

The bigger one, is in Tennessee. Howery has, according to sources, some $15 - 20 million invested. Who would have thought a firm so big and so seemingly successful could fail?

The death knell for embattled BigLaw Howrey could ring as early as this week with firm partners reportedly set to vote on winding down its operations.

Howrey's troubles began last year as the firm witnessed the biggest job losses/layoffs - 159 - according to Law Shucks.

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I have heard some diminished form of Howrey will continue for a while. I have also heard the law suits will continue with the same team of lawyers at another (unnamed) firm.

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  1. One should ask what was the intentions of this group. Will they send Xmas cards next year? Would they have ever?