Saturday, March 19, 2011


Dairy exports to Japan are, for the moment, in limbo. The key word is uncertainty about how much food was damaged, and for lack of a better term, how much "demand" has been lost.

Japan is a major importer of whey products, including de-proteinized whey, which is used as pig feed. Japan imports 60% of its food.

A story on Japan and its food supply is at:;jsessionid=6726D805ABD5C9E4469807467DCDC947.agfreejvm2?symbolicName=/free/news/template1&product=/ag/news/topstories&vendorReference=0353b2fa-34a2-481b-912d-1cb46058ad3a&paneContentId=70109&paneParentId=70043

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