Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NMPF's Elevator Down

NMPF released a some news about its Foundations For the Future program on March 8, 2011. The headline reads:

"NMPF Board of Directors Approves Proposal to Improve Federal Milk Marketing Order System as Part of Foundation for the Future Program"

The first paragraph states:

The National Milk Producers Federation’s Board of Directors agreed today to support a series of major reforms in the Federal Milk Marketing Order program, intended to renovate the economic structure of the U.S. dairy sector. The changes will be packaged as part of the Foundation for the Future program that NMPF has been developing during the past 18 months.

"Renovation" by definition means an improvement. However,no one can say with a straight face the dairy farmer's situation will be improved by this plan. The details are sparse but...

On page 22:

• Institute a new Class III price that would be a competitive pay price and no longer be maintained as a minimum price. The competitive pay price would be based on regional surveys of both regulated and unregulated proprietary cheese plants
processing a minimum of 500,000 pounds of milk a day and covering all varieties
of cheese

Scary. No minimum price?

Nice words though "competitive pay price." What a way to push buttons.

NMPF either does not understand economic organization or they hope no one else does.


  1. Can you clarify? "NMPF either does not understand economic organization or they hope no one else does."

  2. Ok Bunting we have kicked this can down the road before, I guess no one is listening? So the question remains of the hundreds, maybe thousands of blog visitors. Sit on your ass and you will be a victim.

  3. Ah, but the victim mentality is who Bunting represents! Someone has to.

  4. will the survey's be audited?? why only class 3? Why should any of us be trusting NMPF...they gave us the cwt, and have been sucking out of dairy farmers pockets long enough!!

  5. GARBAGE.... spread the word. That proposal is littered with lies. No Milk Price F******

    Now I don't know the answer to this, but maybe the current dairy support and pricing system is backfiring on the manufacturers and corporations. I mean why else are prices so high right now? Is it a phenomenon? Doesn't it seem logical that for plants to make money, they need to produce different products that aren't supported. Maybe that shift in production is resulting in a shortfall of supported products, and therefore pushing prices higher?



  6. You may be onto something there Dave. Why else would there be such a shortage of trade commodity?

  7. NMPF is not our friend in any way. Only worse enemy of dairymen in IDFA. Order Reforms are needed since this aint the 40s anymore we need to charge to a system for today. There is no damn reason we can get DAILY production and pricing reporting. We dont need a min price. If they paid it we all would be broke anyhow. Besides the M(T)ake allowance keeps processors generally in the black making product the market dont want. From NFDM to our orange chedder cheese. They just store it away till they can convince Vilsack to trade them NFDM for cheese for feeding programs. Last year it equated to about $.44 powder. Even thought the CCC cant sell below what they bought it for they bent the rules in the plants favor...again. This very reason is why there is so much cheese in storage. The cheese makers got dirt cheap powder to fortify the vats and get higher yield. We need to ALL get behind DPAC or NDP an be one voice. They did it in Canada 30 years ago and won. $28cwt milk year in and year out. With a feed adjuster! So frustrating how people think the very govt agengy that rips us is going to help us some how.