Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Product The World Wants?

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Milk powders are essentially a protein product. For a number of years, dairy experts have complained about the price support system getting in the way of producing the product the whole worlds wants, milk protein concentrate (MPC). However, the data when distilled shows why there have been rumors of MPC plants losing money.


  1. SMP looks like the clear winner on your graph... So.... Why aren't we making more of that?! I think that's what most people mean by "making what the world wants"... like making a preferred standardized product and paying attention to quality specs the customer wants - SB

  2. Agree 100% about catering to the gargantuan export thing to keep in mind though about the above chart is that NASS NFDM prices are significantly lower than the spot price. Our math shows a spot NFDM price being just about equal to the gDT SMP price on a per unit of protein measure.