Saturday, April 16, 2011


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While there is much talk about supply management and constant talk about dairy farmers farmers over producing, the "problem" probably is not the real problem.

Consider the common blue box. Kraft claims cheese, but the ingredients show no cheese - none.

Several agencies have authority over labeling, including the Federal Trade Commission, none have seen fit to do anything.

So what does it take to make certain cheese really is cheese?


  1. It takes enforcement by regulatory agencies. The rules are in place but nobody at USDA, FDA, DOJ or any other Federal department has the BALLS to listen to the complaints, investigate, enforce the rules, and PROSECUTE the offenders. Without consequences there is no incentive/reason to play by the rules. Therefore nothing will change until someone steps up to the plate and DOES the taxpayer funded job they are being overpaid but CHOOSE NOT TO DO. DWCovert

  2. Hey FDA---why does this crap even have the word cheese on the box??? Oh, I forgot--$$$$$$$$


  3. We may refer to the lobby blog to see the answer to this question. 3 million in 2010 shows where the government's fingers are.

  4. No cheese there, but look, some milk "by-products" like whey, milkfat, and milk protein. Yum! At least they have to start with milk, unlike some lemon cream pies containing neither lemons nor cream nor anything derived from them.