Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who is minding the store?

Certainly the FDA is responsible for upholding "standards of identity" for dairy products. But, they seem to not care or think what ever the big guys want to do, is OK.

Here is a link to an article on yogurt I did for the latest Milkweed:


Compare FDA's efforts to stop "cow share" programs or raw milk sales with their enforcement effort on dairy standards.


  1. Could it be they might fear that one of the 'little guys' could come up with the next great idea, and the tide of public interest and power might shift to someone, or a small company, who didn't forget their roots, or ethical centers? With the growth of FaceBook in recent years, we know that something that starts small can take off in a hurry, and that power can shift in a very few years! Marketing 101 teaches that public mindset is a key marketing tool, and FDA and others in power positions keep spinning to us what they want us to think; but they are beginning to figure out that there is a rising tide of the American public that still has a mind of its own, and is becoming more and more resistant to status quo verbage. Dairy Revolution, anyone?

  2. Your article plus the one on illegal ingredients in organics used by Dean's begs the question: Why are those who bring these violations to light never the ones paid to do so?


  3. Great idea...John have you thought of taking any of your facts to FaceBook?

  4. Excellent comments and a great blog John.