Monday, April 4, 2011

Dairy Imports From China

Several recent stories have appeared regarding China's closing of dairy plants.

Government regulators say nearly half of all dairies in China are being denied new licenses and shut down after failing inspections to clean up the scandal-plagued dairy industry.

The quality inspection agency said Saturday that 533 of the country's 1,176 dairy producers have been ordered to cease operations. The agency says some 107 of them will have a chance to apply anew for licenses once they improve their quality controls.

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Some think we do not import dairy proteins from China, which is not true. While we may not import HTS Chapter 04 dairy proteins from China, we do import varying amounts of chapter 35 dairy proteins from China. In January of this year we imported 95 metric tons. Who can say where it went?


  1. OK...95 metric tons. How much did we export to China? If you want zero tons, be realistic. It's like driving a truck load of grain to market and not expecting not to lose one grain.

  2. why are we importing dairy proteins from China when they have such a "scandal-plagued" dairy industry despite the fact we export our heavily inspected dairy products. It seems we are always kissing ass to others when we should start to watch out for our consumers first! With the enormous amount of products imported from China we shouldn't be too alarmed at a trade imbalance of dairy.