Sunday, April 17, 2011


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images from Open Secrets

Two roads lead to profit for large food corporations. Both must be taken. First costs must be reduced. There are limits unless one chooses to substitute real food for fake food.

The second road leads to D.C. Years of effort went into making certain the public was not short changed. Now, it would seem, honesty in food is being seriously eroded.

Both consumers and dairy farmers are paying a price. You will notice that Kraft really seems to not care which party is in power - they pay to the powerful.

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  1. We as consumers, can do something - vote with our dollars, and encourage our neighbors to do the same. I quit buying anything with a Kraft label a long time ago, and have often enouraged neighbors and acquaintances to do the same, with some degree of success. When you take a few minutes to point out the 'lies' on the labels, then ask the question, "What else do they lie about or mislead you about?" then consumers begin to not trust everything wearing that label. And if you don't trust one food company, there are others to buy from. . . It only takes a spark. Start a fire of accuracy in food labeling - voting with dollars does count, in lobbying or food purchases!