Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dairy Lobby Money

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The above list is depressing because, there is no one on the list which for certain has the best interest of the dairy farmer at heart.

With the exception of Dairylea, all the co-ops own processing plants and have an interest in maintaining low milk prices.

Dairylea is the so-called partner with DFA in Dairy Marketing Service (DMS). Essentially DMS is DFA and the point seems to be to obtain full supply agreements which increases DFA's market power, while vastly reducing premiums.

The fact that the government lets the shenanigans go unabated probably relates to the list above. The data source for the list is "Open Secrets."

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  1. Doesn't Dairylea still have a plant in Syracuse, or did that get acquired by DFA when they took over running Dairylea?