Friday, April 22, 2011

No Competition

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The Vermont Attorney General has several items from the so-called Northeast case on its website.

One document is particularly interesting and is at the above link. The pages above are from that link.

Obviously, where there is no competition, prices to dairy farmers are depressed. this is what is known as a "horizontal agreement" and is illegal. Additionally, DFA/DMS is party to a long standing consent decree and this type of "deal" is a violation of that agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

This case results from government, particularly, the U.S. government not following their own laws:

The Code of Federal Regulations states:


(7) Terms common to all orders
In the case of the agricultural commodities and the products thereof specified in subsection (2) of this section orders shall contain one or more of the following terms and conditions:
(A) Prohibiting unfair methods of competition and unfair trade practices in the handling thereof.

Where is USDA? Where is DOJ? That's right, according to the so-called man on the street. the people want less government. Nobody wants an intrusive, oppressive government but, as the ancient Greeks said, "Who will guard us from the guards."


  1. John,
    Sad state of affairs... so much for the damnable fiction of dairy co-ops being "farmer driven" organizations!
    And to recall a couple of short years ago we were foolish enough to hope that the Obama Adm. was going to enforce the old rules. All one can conclude is that "Big Business" (and big co-ops!) are now so powerful they can and do lead the Federal Govt. around by the nose.
    At this point where can ordinary Americans expect to find relief? What is it going to take to get justice?
    I was at the DOJ hearing at Batavia, N.Y. over a year ago and heard Sen. Schumer spread a load about how there was a new sherrif in town and all would be soon made right... just some more Schumer BULLSHIT!!!
    All farmers get from their Federal Reps. is unending loads about how they are on the job... looks to me like the plan is to cross their fingers, kiss 'em for luck and hope everything turns out alright. Small wonder Congress and the Admin. have over a 70% disapproval rating. Sorry bastards one and all..

    Nate Wilson

  2. Right on....................except there may be some newbies ok............but it will take another election to finish cleaning house.