Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IDFA Policy

Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), the processor's lobby has some new dairy policy thoughts at:

On page 5 we find:

IDFA proposes that all end product price formula based minimum prices under
the FMMO system be eliminated. All dairy plants will pay whatever competitive
price is necessary to secure a supply of farm milk; there is no minimum Federal
order price that any plant must pay to independent dairy farmers or cooperatives.

In the sentence preceding the above, IDFA complains about the current system, "This program
keeps milk from moving to its highest-value use"

Dennis Wolff, who works for both IDFA and DPAC has been touting a bill from the 110th congress S1721, sponsored by former Pennsylvania senator Specter and Pennsylvania senator Casey.

To amend the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 to promote growth and opportunity for the dairy industry in the United States, and for other purposes. (Introduced in Senate - IS)

(a) 2-Class System for Classifying Milk-

Of course S1722 the so-called "Specter-Casey" bill of the 110th congress which became S1645 in the next congress and called for for a two price system.

And then we have, Dairy Policy Action Coalition (DPAC) which has "Cornerstones For Change"

SOLUTIONS: Simplify the milk pricing system.
• 1) Simplify 4 milk classes to 2.
• 2) Establish competitive pay pricing and move away from end-product-pricing formulas that
“pigeon-hole” the milk.
• 3) Adopt a federal pricing system that encourages movement of milk to its highest value use.
• 4) Adopt federal dairy policies that encourage competition, product innovation, and market

The words of IDFA and DPAC are virtually identical.

Well at least we know who the man (Wolff) is behind two curtains._


  1. "All dairy plants will pay whatever competitive
    price is necessary to secure a supply of farm milk; there is no minimum Federal
    order price that any plant must pay to independent dairy farmers or cooperatives."
    What happens to the areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota whose milk is mostly made into cheese and can't get the high class 1 prices. Will we independent producers be left in the cold? If that is the case Im for leaving the FMMO"s the same as we are now

  2. No MINIMUM payment? so all the processors in an area decide $1 a hundred is all they can afford to pay. we better get a hell of a lot more efficient!

  3. Are kidding me! Only in America can this bullshit happen!!!

    It's too bad dairy farmers couldn't have federal legislation that says we can go into any equipment dealer and "pay whatever competitive price (with no minimum) is necessary to secure a brand new tractor to insure that the tractor moves to its highest-value use".

    Dennis Wolff is just another example of the many "dairy whores" that live off the hard work of dairy farmers in this country.

    Maybe we need to start a "Wall of Shame" for people like Wolff, Hanman, etc.

  4. Let's not forget the supporting cast at DPAC. The wolf utilizes the PAC thru a social Pecking order, there is usually a head BITCH behind every dominant canine! The rest of the dumb asses just dig the rodents out of their den, some eat first some eat last!

  5. John, you don't get anything positive from crap like this,why print it. JB

  6. Probably to highlight the statement "to promote growth and opportunity in the dairy industry" which means wealth for everyone but the dairyman. Why shouldn't John point out the similarity between IDFA and DPAC strategy, especially with Wolf's fingers in all pies?

  7. Differences of opinion about policy and procedure, and perhaps even what constitutes 'ethics' in community-oriented, on-farm dairy behavior vs. DC 'what's expected' political behavior are vastly different from personal name-calling. Progress in policy will occur only when facts and proposals are evaluated and solutions reached through civil compromise. Even the 'renegades' who turned out to be America's Founding Fathers used eloquent language in their written trail of letters and documents, and poor phrasing and name-calling weren't usually allowed. While it is no secret that I don't agree entirely with all of DPAC's current written positions or process, there is enough belief in positive change that the lines of communication remain open, because I do believe there are some very good folks involved with DPAC who are earnestly trying to make a difference for the dairy industry of tomorrow. In any human encounters, those who have 'false motives' - if they do - will usually be discovered. Until then, differences in policy opinion should not become reasons for character assassination. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" should be applied to all occasions in which differing positions are the case, and civil discussions should be paramount. If we let ill will and paranoia prevail, then we will get nowhere.

  8. "Trying to make a difference for the dairy industry" in Washington DC rarely includes trying to make a positive difference for dairy FARMERS is the point. The "Industry" seems to be cooking along just fine while the dairy FARMER is cooked.

  9. When there is a "wolf" in the hen-house, the answer is a shotgun. DPAC instead chooses to continue to invite the "wolf" to dinner. The founders were wise, polite men indeed. However, the did not choose to break bread with the tyrant King, opting instead for his exit from our lands at the end of a musket. Oh, the lessons we fail to learn.


  10. Hey Julie,

    Differences of opinion??? What are you smokin? because we'd all like hit.

    This isn't about "differences of opinion" it's about a corrupt industry that has screwed the American Dairy Farmer. Period! WE need a real solution not esoteric speeches.

    A little history lesson for you Julie. Our Founding Fathers also took part in the American Revolutionary War. History shows us that sometimes "eloquent language" doesn't work.

    Go milk a cow for a living and then come back and talk to us.

    Bruce in NY