Sunday, October 11, 2009

But, is it cheese

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Probably the biggest defense against a Cargill type cheese is to maintain the integrity of cheese. Products like Borden's do nothing to aid the image of dairy products. Take a look at the date.

DFA claims they use MPCs which are domestically produced. How can anyone tell? Faith, I guess. This is faith based marketing.


  1. Personally after I have never had real cheese last that that long, but I have had real cheese mold once in a great while in my refrigerator in less time than listed on the packaging. The labeling suggests to me that it is trying to confuse the consumer into believing that it is cheese. Kind of like the labeling on some cereal products that says "made with whole grains" when in fact the whole grain is the last thing on the list of ingredients, or the smallest amount of ingredient in the recipe.

  2. In some things you have to laugh. Good ole DFA, I really wish they would have left their name alone so I could still call them Mid-ScAm.

  3. Give me an example where a corporation has the consumer and producers well being foremost. Corporates feed their bottom line only, words do not override actions. Pollencruncher

  4. Oh Sara!,
    You're such a cinic, aren't you?! Mid-ScAm! God, I love it! Thanks for making an old short fat guy smile, on a dismal morning with little else to smile about...
    On another note, yesterday's post on the "straight shooters" at Dean's; this would seem to indicate some stress in the relationship betwixt DFA & Dean's.. looks like Greg Engles and company may be belatedly attempting distance from their primary accomplice; perhaps the conspiricy is starting to unravel??? Oh, to be a fly on the that boardroom wall! Later, Nate Wilson

  5. This needs to be put in newspapers so the consumer sees it. The consumers are really being taken for a ride. With all the junk being but into our food no wonder cancer is everywhere. Then they blame it on milk. If only pure products were put in our food.

  6. Hi there! Love your blog. We need to get more awareness for the plight of dairy farmers in our area. Have you ever thought of joining twitter? You should! Lots of dairy folks on there, we need to get the word out about consolidation, dean foods and price fixing.

  7. I just recently found your blog and thought you might be interested in a documentary project we're making. The subject of our film is a family dairy farm in southern Ohio. You can watch the trailer here:

    Todd Tue

  8. I am a local food blogger. Would love to interview for my blog too! Need to raise awareness about our dying dairy industry.
    Have you thought of joining twitter?
    I just tweeted about your blog, you are gaining new fans!

  9. I personally like the comment 100% of proceeds go to the farmer.Makes one wonder does the store put it on the shelf, did the trucker haul it to the store, and do the upper-crust at DFA not take any profit? Apparently they all provide this product to the consumers out of the goodness of their collective hearts, just so the farmers can have all the proceeds?!!?? Just a little misleading...

  10. 100% of nothing goes to the farmer except anguish at not being compensated fairly, and the derth of untruths that go out to the public regarding the massive income they're receiving. Thanks to you and others like Pete Hardin there is a voice for the farmer.
    Skip Bowe