Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Dairy bill

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Today a new bill was introduced in the House of Representatives HR 3935.

The bill creates a floor price under Class II and Class III farm milk price. The floor price for Class III is based on the average costs of production for the 23 lead dairy states. The Class II price is based on the recent relationship of Class II & III.

Class I was not used as to protect consumers. Class IV was used because of world trade issues.

The bill could use all the support which can be mustered.


  1. I hope every dairy producer in the U.S. endorses this bill.

  2. How long can it take before this bill could get passed?

  3. I don't like the idea of using average cost of production, even though at this time our costs appear to be lower than average. Any figure that is picked to represent 'average' is going to be far below the actual cost of production for many producers. That 'average' cost is going to favor some regions over others.
    Just as in the past, when our pay price receives an artificial bump our suppliers will raise their prices to get a piece of the action. When our price goes down, suppliers don't lower their prices. In the meantime, the noose of the federal gov't just keeps getting pulled tighter.

  4. The point of this legislation is simply to buy some time.