Friday, October 30, 2009

email from Australia

Below is an email from a dairy farmer down under:

A friend sent me the link; said that a dairy farmer friend told her that "listening to all the farmers at the local hearing was like a eulogy".

Did you attend?

MG just gave us a step up; media is lapping it up making out all our probs are over, saying it equates to 1.5 - 2c per litre! In order to get 2c a litre you would need to be doing a bit better than a 5bf and 4.5 prot.

Sooooo, it brings us up from 19.6cpl to maybe 21cpl. Whoo hoo?

Ave cost of prod. even in our neck of the woods is said to be 30-35cpl.

Many farmers say they are getting out. Many say that the minute prices increase a bit, they will put their farms on the market. Some are concerned this glut will then dump the land prices.

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