Monday, October 5, 2009


In spite of wide spread opposition the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) USDA and state governments continue to press on, or more correctly to put pressure on farmers.

NY Times Had an interesting article yesterday on E 0157 contamination in one person’s tragic case. It is available at:

Original documents are available at:

Food and Water Watch has an interesting NAIS document at:

But, most revealing of all is the USDA cost/benefit analysis:

And here we have the meat of the matter:

“The magnitude of beef export market demand increase that would
encourage beef producers (cow/calf, backgrounders, feeders, dairy,
auction markets, and packers) to adopt full animal ID and tracing is
shown in figure 1. Full animal ID and tracing with 30, 50, 70, and 90%
industry adoption rates could be completely paid for with increases in
beef export demand. A 23% increase in beef export demand would
completely pay for 70% adoption of full animal ID and tracing in the US
beef herd over a 10‐year period. No other benefits beyond these would
be necessary to make the investment in NAIS economically viable.”

Do we need to mention meat imports to further make the point?


  1. OK this is off the subject, but! I want to know and figure you would know... that is. Does the cheese that is imported (other than the EU cheese that can only be made in EU) have to have a COOL label such as American, Mozzarella , Cheddar... etc.? And if not WHY?

  2. To the best of my memory, Russ Feingold introduced a bill to include dairy last October. I don't think it went anywhere. But, I better check.

  3. Some one is really off base here. Why not check the data before making a foolish article. Here it is---The USA cattle producers have not produced enough beef to feed the nation for 21 years. We are buying over 2 billion dollars worth of import beef just to feed ourselves. Exporting whoe's beef is the question? In order to feed the nation we import $2 bill. To export, the question is where do we buy the beef to increase export sales? Check it out at The data article is GLOBAL BEEF MARKETING. Check it out?

  4. as I said before nais is a government boondoggle. BULLSHIT! the government mucks up everything it gets its grubby paws on why should livestock be any different.
    Robert Lieb