Friday, October 2, 2009


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Today, October 2, 2009 USDA’s “Dairy Products” report was released for dairy product production in August 2009.

Many point to the cheese production or the butter production with knowing clucks. One item which seems to go unnoticed is yogurt production. So far, the cumulative increase in yogurt production this year is 6.8% above last year.

“Commercial Disappearance “ calculations not only do not account for imported dairy proteins, but also, ignore yogurt.

For certain yogurt is not made to be aged. Yogurt is pretty much made to order. So, if the numbers are to be believed, the public, it seems, is consuming a great deal more dairy products than is generally reported.


  1. nice blog..Congrats!..I like all yo're posts from here..i will be back!..smiles..soon

  2. Now surly you aren't saying that the powers that be are fudging the paperwork?! I'm shocked! :) Just kidding.

    What I would like to know is this. How long do they really think they can keep fiddling with the numbers with no one finding out the truth?

  3. I enjoy yogurt, but each time I buy some I have to wonder about it. Consider this, it is usually somewhere between 50-70 cents for 6 ounces. Lets assume it is vanilla and has 6 ounces of milk, that is 266 and 2/3 of those little packages and at 50 cents a package that is $133.00 a hundred weight. Some of it has MPC, and some has non fat dried milk and some has a smidgeon of fruit and varied amounts of sugar or artificial sweetener, most likely a package has less than 6 ounces of milk. But the major component is milk or it's components. And when the price of milk was higher they left the package the same size and filled it with 5 ounces instead of 6, I felt even more cheated then! There is money to be made in this business it is just that those of use who have made it all possible to do get the rewards. Johnson

  4. Addendum to the last post. I meant "Those who have made it all possible do not get the rewards. Sorry, but that one word "not" is important! I think we qualify for for our fair share!