Saturday, October 31, 2009

Product of Mexico

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The Organization for Co-operation and Development (OECD) measure or surveys a great number of things. One item I recently came upon is a survey of the perception of corruption in the various member countries.

Poland fared the worst, followed by Mexico. Not far behind came the U.S. at sixth.

This raises a question: should the consumers in the United States trust a dairy product made in Mexico? Is the above product made in conformance with the Code of Federal Regulation “Standard of Identity”?

Furthermore, what is the trustworthiness of Nestles?


  1. Wow John!!
    Nestle and the Mexicans?? Looks like a race to the bottom of both the integrity and trustworthy barrels... nothin' to root for either way!
    I shipped milk as an independant to Carnation for a quarter century... seemed like a good outfit then... sad; very sad. Nate Wilson

  2. This makes me almost ill. You can hardly find any juice that is made from our fruits, now our milk products besides cheese?!

    It makes a person want to just do it themselves. If we had the time.

  3. my daughter is a cross country tractor trailer driver. She was down in Texas and saw roadside stands that had the old fashion watermelons. She wanted to stop but could not get over. So she decided to stop fast at WAl-Mart to et one. Not to her surprise the watermelons were from MEXICO. She said BULL -SHI and walked out. With all the watermelons in texas you would think that walmart would buy from them.