Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make Money In Dairy

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Clearly, there is money to be made in the dairy business. If you had a million dollars to invest you could “earn” two hundred fifty thousand without having to lift a finger or deal in any way with manure.

“Announcement: For the past four years, KDM Trading, Inc. has traded a very small number of accounts (fewer than ten) on a “for profit” basis. These accounts are traded in such a way as to attempt to profit from milk price movement in both directions. Following are the annual rates of return for the accounts under management: 2005: -25.31%, 2006: +73.04%, 2007: +546.57%, 2008: +54.76%, 2009 (YTD): +25.58%. We are now opening this program to our customers and newsletter subscribers through a recently established CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor). Minimum investment is $50,000. Please contact Dan for further information if you are interested in participating in this program.”


  1. The comments under what's bullish are interesting, veeery interesting; perhaps this is why, rumor has it, DFA is franticly searching for any excess milk volume they can find in Southwestern N.Y&Northwestern Pa. A friend also tells me store prices in NW Pa. are on the rise in the last few days... the plot thickens... the bastards are on the move... stay tuned for news! Later. Nate Wilson

  2. Milk prices in PA are around $3.35 for whole milk. DFA let it slip back in july that they were looking for milk strong!! if they would pay more for it, they would get it!!

  3. Nate,
    rumor has it that DFA is having trouble finding enough milk to fill its supply contract with Sorrento. Sorrento officials have told DFA they WILL live up to the contract they don't care if they have to bring milk in from out of state or out of country. Just what I heard through my dad who knows a guy at the plant.