Tuesday, November 3, 2009


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California's Department of Food and agriculture lists: Emergency Hearing – All Classes – November 9, 2009.

Supposedly, the purpose is to raise the price to California dairy farmers. But, wait a minute. CDI, a Capper-Volstead co-op wants more. CDI wants an increase in make allowances.

Can a similar proposal for the federal milk orders be far behind. One can imagine a certain Northeast co-op pleading for a level playing field with California, which can only be realized by increasing the make allowance.


  1. Poor people- Deans better hire thier bookeepers so they can show thier "suffering" also! Rediculous!!

  2. California Dairies Inc. make allowance formula for 2006-2007 as follows:
    California Dairies Inc. plus Land O'Lakes plus DFA plus United Dairymen of Arizona plus
    O-AT-KA plus Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Assn. plus St. Albans Co-op equals... DAIRY AMERICA!
    Then add Dairy America to non-fat powdered milk, report the sum of that to NASS, equals hansome profitability!

  3. Perhaps Doug Maddox should quit flying all over the country pushing supply management and attack the real problems right in his own backyard.


  4. Agreed Rusty...talked with a guy very close to the industry and he said if Cali is pushing supply management, we should run the other direction as fast as possible. He explained that they have flawed business models (both producers and processors).

    We need to get the class one price decoupled from the class 3 and 4 prices so the east can realize the value of the market we have.