Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reason To Do Nothing

There is nothing riskier for a political leader than doing something. Someone is sure to jump all over the politician who actually takes a stand.

Following the expression "Any port in a storm." finds politicians looking for excuses.

The most convenient and time-proven excuse is the fact that farmers won't get together and speak with a single voice.

Imagine no speed limits unless everyone agrees upon what the exact amount should be. There is no way dairy farmers throughout the country will agree on issues.

The very least leaders could do is to initiate a discussion. For instance, what are the implications of the store-brand butter in my town coming from Tulare, California?

One obvious point is there is not enough extra local cream to make butter.


  1. It's not an excuse; until there is but one dairy farmer left in the country there probably will not be a unified voice. The dairymen in the east resent the dairymen in the west and so on... one feels good when the other is doing poorly or has fallen on hard times - this is wrong headed thinking. Regardless of where you dairy or the methods you use we all should stand together - we all have families and herds to care for and to feed and despite regional differences we ALL are being taken advantage of.
    Money Pit Acres

  2. Even the ones who are speaking out against change/for status quo, who think they are getting a "special" deal. In fact they may be getting screwed worse as they are the ones that other farmers no longer trust or respect.DWCovert