Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Global

My disappointment in the WASDE report was in the fact the prices were so low. Lets say we could be getting global price here in the U.S. which are as follows:

Butter $1.6500
Nonfat Dry Milk $1.5000
Cheese $1.6500
Dry Whey $0.5000

The prices used to set farm milk price for most of the country would be:

Class II Butterfat Price $1.7975
Class III Milk Price $16.36
Class III Skim Milk Price $10.46
Class IV Milk Price $17.72
Class IV Skim Milk Price $11.87
Class III/IV Butterfat Price $1.7905
Nonfat Solids Price $1.3189
Protein Price $2.7859
Other Solids Price $0.3099

That would yield a blend price in the area of $19. World prices have yet to peak.


  1. Check out what obama was up to on his asian tour. Nice new trade deal for new zealand. what the hell am I doing milking cows in the US.

  2. This is a set-up for disaster; it has been in the works for awhile now and I'm sure will soon happen. As we lose dairy farms and farmers it's doubtful they will ever come back and the country will be all the worse... very sad that our leaders would sell us out like this. Shame on President Obama for not putting his country before the likes of New Zealand.