Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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The latest "Cold Storage" numbers came out Friday. A note said: "Due to updated facility information, the January 2009 – September 2009 cheese data has been revised.
Please note the revision tables on pages 13 and 14. Updated data for 2008 are not available."

Well, as you can see from the above graph, the revisions are rather large. More importantly, the higher numbers have been used in "Commercial Disappearance" data, skewing that to disappearances are off - way off.

Once again, the erroneous numbers are provided by some of the same people who set farm milk price.


  1. Why is 2008 updated data not available??????

    What are they covering up??

    Wasn't there congressional hearings in the early 2000's? Where they recommended to USDA to "trust but verify". 2007- wasn't there a GOA report on price manipulation at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange?
    GOA made alot of recommendations to USDA to lessen the susceptibility of price manipulation.
    What is USDA's story? Are they learning disabled? Or arrogant?

  2. No explanation other than "updated facility information"?? How strange.

  3. What more proof does USDA or anyone else in Congress need to see that the american dairy farmers have been unjustly robbed?

    The only hope I have is this data MAY get Congress to conduct audits.

    Steve Barton

  4. I've got some tar and can get some feathers - maybe we best take care of this ourselves?

  5. I am only assuming that the fear of an audit is what made them correct this information. Damage control.

  6. Back pocket money talks.

  7. Our milk truck driver got double pay for working today (Thanksgiving). Did any of you farmers get double time for working a holiday?

    Last I checked, not only am I not getting paid double, I am losing money every day I go to work.

  8. The supply is under stated in 8 of 9 months. In the information age does it really take that long to catch up with what the true supply is?

  9. Uncle Sam's destruction of ag: (USDA)

    If the politicians and government agencies were going to do something to fix the problem, they would have done it long ago. It is time to take our fight to the courts!!!!!!!!

    Although tar and feathering them would be satisfing too!!