Monday, November 16, 2009

Cheap Milk

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Research shows that most universities are ineffective in fostering critical thinking. For example, in a three year study of 68 public and private colleges in California, though the overwhelming majority (89%) claimed critical thinking to be a primary objective of their instruction, only a small minority (19%) could give a clear explanation of what critical thinking is. Furthermore, though the overwhelming majority (78%) claimed that their students lacked appropriate intellectual standards (to use in assessing their thinking), and 73% considered that students learning to assess their own work was of primary importance, only a very small minority (8%) could enumerate any intellectual criteria or standards they required of students or could give an intelligible explanation of what those criteria and standards were.

I read on a blog, recently, farm milk price rose so high in 2007 - 08 that retail price of cheese rose and all kinds of bad things happened.

Who cares! Where is the logic of producing milk at a loss so consumers will consume more cheese?

The fact is, the spread between farm milk price (times cheese yield) has never ever, ever been higher.

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  1. And now it is on the rise again and guess what; farm milk price rising will be blamed again. A good smoke screen to help while someone else banks the difference! I've been watching retail prices on cheese this year and have noted they have not budged much and once in a while a sale; the comparison above is right on target with what I have observed.