Monday, November 30, 2009

Milk Prices

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USDA’s Ag Price report came out today. The “all milk” price is listed as $15/cwt – the highest this year.

But, of course, the $15/cwt is an average. The devil is, as usual, in the details (see table, sorted low to high, above). California, the nation’s number one dairy state is on the bottom. However, number two, Wisconsin, which increased production in October, had a considerably higher price than number three New York. NY is practically in the bottom quarter.

Try to find a politician in NY who claims not to care about dairy farmers – all of NY’s elected leaders are in top caring mode. They would like to do something but, their hands are tied. The data pretty much tells the story.

And, by the way, USDA lists parity price for November, 2009 as $41.70/cwt.


  1. Oh I only wish that was the price in Wisconsin! The gross here for October milk was 14.68. The base being 13.45; market price without a contract.

  2. Doesn't pay to bitch about the low prices if nobody's going to do anything about them. Do you all think you will ever be treated fairly, unless you demand it? No, we all just hang on and hope... which is what they want us to do and it's totally useless. I think most should ask Santa for a backbone this Christmas; then maybe just maybe things will start to change for the better. Otherwise you can just keep the blinders on until the bankers come and get all that you have. Production plus profit is something the prossesors figured out how to get, if it's not working out for them they can just change the make allowance - we won't care. We feed a nation and struggle to feed ourselves, it's just not right! We can do something about it but for some reason choose not too? There are so few of us left and we are such a productiove lot, yet treated so unjustly for all that we do. Someday perhaps our countrymen will miss us and our herds, but for now it seems nobody cares.

  3. and yet when we tried to get NY to invoke Rogers/Allen we were told it would raise the price too high that NY milk wouldn't be competetive with neighboring states.Looks to me like we could've put it through 2-3X and still been in line. More lies on top of more lies. Too bad DFA/Dairylea spent so much producer money to fight it, when they by themselves could have pushed it through back in early spring. Must be they were too busy lieing about how much cheese they had to actually help their members and all producers. DWCovert

  4. The "all milk" price for November is an estimate. The prices comes from from reporting plants and does not include deductions, such as hauling.

    The important point, i think, is the relative position of the states.