Friday, November 6, 2009


In the above link is a story from the Netherlands which claims numerous Dutch immigrants who enticed to come to the U.S. with money in their hands have returned empty handed.


  1. Le'me hazzard a guess here John; somebody told these ole boys the way to quick riches in our global economy was to sell the farm in Holland for huge bucks an' shlep off to the USofA and go in whole-hog to BIG dairying... "kill-off" a bunch of "ineffeicent" U.S. family farmers and live happily ever after... that's their story and, as Monte Walsh said,"Mister, you can't begin to imagine, how little I care..." the greedy bastards got their just deserts- a tryumph of poetic justice...
    Thanks for the blog, John. Nate Wilson

  2. No, Nate. Land as at a premium in the Netherlands and the environmental laws are very strict there. There are millions of cows there in an area less than twice the size of New Jersey. Hence, farmers are strictly limited in terms of herd size. Most if not all of these "ole boys" are in fact family farmers who got caught up in the tragedy of factory farming. There is a human side to this story.

  3. They all signed one sided contracts without the presence of a attorney because they wanted to live the American dream. They are cow killers, arrogant, poor managers. The human side of this story is true; human stupidity! The better farmers stayed in Holland. These immigrants are not successful because they built expense houses, big vehicles, and wanted to have it all without working...