Thursday, November 5, 2009

Corruption Inside the USDA

The above link takes you to a book which can be downloaded. The book is described as:

An insider's report to the American public on : intentional routing of contaminated milk into America's food supply; funding a USDA office via the contaminated milk processor as it supplies infant formula production; associated extraction of dairy farmer money; involved U.S. Department of Agriculture appointees; and evidence held inside the U.S. Department of Justice.

One of the central ideas in the book relates to the concept of whether or not the high-count milk was Grade A. Actually, it is the farm and not the milk which is or is not Grade A.

Otherwise, the book is an interesting read on gaming the system. There is an unwritten story between the lines about the concentration within the industry and the geographical space which milk must travel, unrefrigerated.


  1. we of the dairy world better hope the public do not find out.

  2. Why not this type of corruption must be policed. Freedom of speach works like free markets it cleanses the corruption that so called free markets with a dash of greed always seem to get caught up in. This must be exposed and crushed for the long term health of the industry.