Monday, November 23, 2009

Taking Credit

Cooperative Working together (CWT) has a new "study" by Scott Brown of University of Missouri which demonstrates beyond any doubt the CWT program put $1.54/ cwt in dairy farm milk checks.

Dr. Brown avoids mentioning the fact that world dairy prices are up - way up. For instance, Oceania butter is presently at $1.81/lb and that is for 82% butterfat butter.

World dairy prices are higher than U.S. dairy prices - and that with no CWT deduction.


  1. John,
    In the Lancaster Farming that arrived this p.m. there's an article(page A-46)relating a learned scribe, Cameron Thraen,Ohio State U. Extension Dairy Economist is of the opinion the U.S. dairy industry needs to kill another 200,000,yes, count 'em 200,000, more cows. Wouldn't you think a "dairy economist" would take a look at CME dairy prices prices once in a while? Cheese,butter,and powder prices have shown some strength of late; kill another 200,000 cows and they'll no doubt get a great deal stronger...kill another 200,000 head? We may damn well kill far more than a few too many... Nate Wilson

  2. Every time I hear "independent" study I laugh. Yeah, right.

  3. Golly gee I'm certainly glad we got that EXTRA $1.54 cause without it our mailbox price would have bottomed at under $8. How can they make a claim like that? Just more lies in attempt to justify taking money out of our pockets. NMPF needs to begin living up to the name, instead of being the National Milk Processors Federation.DWCovert

  4. I attended a "dairy risk management" conference in which Dr. Brown spoke. It struck me odd that most everything he said was to "whitewash" the accusations against the processors. His spin on making the negatives from the lawsuits against the processors gave the impression of being legit coming from a university "professional", BUT then I saw the DFA logo during the break at the top of the screen and had to ask....just who sponsored this so called "dairy risk management" conference and did the sponsorship (MONEY PAID BY DFA) make any difference in the "OPINIONS" given by these so called professionals.

  5. When US prices were above the world market we were told is it really hurt us from being able to participate in the world market. Now with the price lower; Midwest Producers can't take advantage of it because we are not close to a seaport. The great lakes provide some Ports some are iced in part of the year; but no matter what there seems to be a reason we are unable to get in the game. Funny how last year before the big freeze; exports were what was keeping the milk check up! One has to keep a sense of humor about it; I guess the hope might be that producers have poor short term memories.

  6. If DFA gets their way, they are changing the name of CWT and instead of taking out 5 cents per hundred weight, they will rob the farmer of 25 cents per hundredweight. Does this mean that the administration budget for the new named CWT will go from $1,000,000.00 for FOUR months to $2,500,000.00? HOW MANY people work for the administration? WHAT are the salaries of these administrators? Did any of these administrators previously work for DFA? Are they still working for DFA and getting doulble pay?

  7. Instead of Dr. Brown's chart showing the milk production without CWT herd retirement, he should make up a chart showing:

    what mailbox milk check prices would be with competition among processors or

    what mailbox milk check prices would be if we had a supply management system or

    what mailbox milk check prices would be if improper reporting of commodity prices were not allowed or

    what mailbox milk check prices would be if illegal MPC's were not allowed to saturate and possibly contaminate our food.

  8. Working as I do for a Clifornia dairy cooperative I've seen many milk checks this year that reflect the plight of the farmer. The one thing I have not seen is an increase of ANY kind reflected after a CWT slaughter or in the case of the last year, 4 slaughters.