Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CWT More Thoughts

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On August 16, 2010 Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) released this:

CWT remains something of a mystery. Between National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) members and associate members, we have a pretty good list of those who are bumping cheese yields as noted on yesterday's post.

So, if NMPF and its subset CWT really wanted to enhance farm milk prices they could work to eliminate the practices of dramatically increasing yield. Unlikely.

Well, if a plant has gained all the so-call efficiencies, the pedal has to be to the floor all the time.

Maybe NMPF is working the farmer both ways. Too much cheese made because of tricks, which depresses prices. Then use the farmer's money to offshore the crap.


  1. Nothing like job security!!!! Too bad we can't get any security.

  2. This is just an example of NMPF leadership failures of not representing the farmer. I will however state at least they are finally fighting to remove the traditional dairy words from non dairy foods.

  3. USDA, IDFA, CME, NMPF, CWT, DFA, Kraft, Deans and on and on.

    It's this simple - Dairy Farmers are being played like a piano!

    Only until these parasites are removed from the back of the back of the farmer will we have some sense of control over the product we produce.

  4. So, 10 cents for every hundred pounds we ship is taken out of our(the farmers) check, not by choice, to pay CWT to......

    what is it they do for the farmer again?