Monday, August 23, 2010


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With dairy farmers not able to pay their bills, the price of the above government contract is obscene.

With the price of the additional butterfat figured in , the per hundredweight "value" is pushing $80.


  1. John,

    Hey i read this a little different than you did. the end result is still a rediculous profit that the processor makes.
    im reading a pack is 24 oz. this pushes the price to be at $25/gal. if there is approx. 9-10 gallons per hundredweight...

    as you see, there might be more behind this than you thought? again, as i am reading this, this is fluid milk right? just to make sure i am not way off on this.


  2. I think it comes out to $290/cwt!!!!!

  3. But the farmer still gets $13.50 right?