Tuesday, August 24, 2010

With FDA Its OK

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According to the Washington Post FDA never, ever inspected the two facilities involved in the massive egg recall.


Since they never used the power already given to them, they, the FDA seems to need more.

What does this have to do with dairy. If you take a look at the above data on MPC imports, the product coming from that lead dairy country, Singapore, should raise warning flags.

Additionally, the MPCs coming through Singapore entered the country at 54% of the price of the MPCs coming from New Zealand.

MPCs are not a legal food ingredient, but FDA has never, ever done anything about the MPCs dumped into the cheese vat.

Nobody wants an intrusive government but, a government agency, such as FDA, which is asleep at the switch is an invitation to disaster.


  1. Why are the prices from Singapore at 54% of the prices from New Zealand? How can they produce the product so much cheaper?

    How many people are employed by the FDA and what are their salaries and benefit packages?
    And what do they do?

  2. On the egg recall - as soon as it came out I told my wife, "bad distillers grain". I've heard now they said it was the feed but I'm wondering if they will ever say what in the feed? I doubt it as if it really is distillers it would put a black eye on one of our pet projects.