Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Turning a New Page

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Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) has just announced a new "export enhancement." This year, with U.S. prices below world prices exporting dairy products has not been difficult. I cannot remember a dairy trade balance so much in our favor.

Not sure why anyone would need a bonus, or just what they will do with it.


  1. Simple. Give themselves new bonuses!

  2. Just how many employees work at 2101 Wilson Blvd., Suite 400 in Arlington, VA and what is their total compensation package? What are their job descriptions?

    Anyone have access to an audit on these yahoos?

  3. I thought CWT money was to selectively bail out dairy farmers who paid into it through bid process. At what point did the individual farmers give blanket approval for their money to be used to enrich processors?

  4. The above comments and questions are right on!

    CWT should be dissolved as quickly as possible. CWT is a cancer on this industry! In the past when I have emailed them they came across to me as arrogant and dismissive. And why not? They sit there in their secure, gold-lined ivory tower, with their big salaries all paid for on the backs of dairy farmers in this country.

    I pose the question - where is the value added of CWT?

    Dairy farmers ( I believe) need to have a candid discussion as to how we can rid the dairy industry of CWT.

    And then we can move on to how we can "re-engineer" the mega cooperatives who have failed the american dairy farmer.

  5. Its should be pretty easy- dry off thier cow!!!