Saturday, August 28, 2010


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"Open Secrets" at: has a wealth of information about money and politics. Above is DFA's Political Action Committee (PAC) donations for the current, 2010, cycle.

I pasted the data to an Excel spreadsheet. Excel has a sort feature for either "ascending" (highest at the top) or "descending" highest at the bottom. Somehow, it seemed more appropriate to sort "descending", which leaves Colin Peterson at the bottom.

Peterson is head of the House "Ag" committee and an old hunting/fishing buddy of former DFA head Gary Hanman. Nothing gets past Peterson.

As can be seen from his total dairy PAC contributions, Peterson is pretty well taken care of.

What is neede is a new GPS (Global Political Scheme) to navigate around the guy.

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  1. John,
    If you be remembered if it, I posted my thoughts on Peterson after I attended that farce of a "town hall" meeting he and Massa held in Canandagua last summer. You are most correct in asserting he's one son of a bitch! As far as I'm concerned he's arrogance on the hoof and a poster child for term limits... any accident that removed him from his position would work in his country's favor... Nate Wilson