Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Taken for a Ride

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Pretty exciting - all those exports in June 2010.

Take NFDM/SMP up 78% from June 2009. One might think that would help dairy farmers. But, that is dubious or just plain unbelievable.

Notice in the table above how the prices crash in the last week of June. The export price was $1.22 per pound. Notice how both the California and the NASS data is virtually identical - .99 statistical correlation.

The export volume was 79,870,453 pounds. That is more than California produced at a low price. Looks like it all left port in the last week.

Price fixing?

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  1. I believe this is a trend. It almost appears as though the first three weeks of the month most often are at a light volume and higher price, but the last week of the month is the adjustment week where the volume quadruples and the price plummets to drag the monthly average down. It's almost as if this is the plan. (Can you imagine that?)